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Philea Story

Our passion for precious stones, the world of jewelry and the universe gave birth to our Philea brand, a name that merges Philae, the exploration of the universe, and Philia, love and affection.

The Selection

The choice of gemstones at Philea is first and foremost the guarantee of exceptional quality and incomparable beauty. With years of experience in jewellery making, Jean-Baptiste Lecerf has developed an infallible and sharp jeweller eye allowing him to select gemstones with care.
At Philea, you will find fine gemstones of the highest quality, carefully chosen for their brilliance, colour, transparency and uniqueness.



Philea invites us on a breathtaking journey through the universe, on the look out for celestial beauty. The first collection, inspired by the stars and comets, is a celebration of cosmic aesthetics.
Each chosen gemstone tells a unique and captivating story, creating jewellery that sublimates the grandeur of space. Jean-Baptiste’s creations are a direct reflection on the infinite wonders of the universe, the magic of celestial phenomena and the evolution of matter through the stars.
Each gemstone is a symbol of life and evolution, a reminder of our place in the universe and the magic of its matter.


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By wearing one of the jewels of his collection, we can feel the beauty of the universe on our finger, and wear a unique story.
The "Origins" collection is an invitation to explore the secrets of the universe, each time we contemplate our jewel, its depth, its splendor.


The Designer

Jean-Baptiste Lecerf

Jean-Baptiste Lecerf is a passionate jeweller who grew up in a creative and artistic universe. His father, a renowned jeweller based in Tours since 1987, passed on to him his know-how and unwavering his love for precious stones.
After seven years of apprenticeship , Jean-Baptiste has mastered the techniques of jewellery making and developed an unerring eye for choosing the most beautiful and premium gemstones.
Philea was born from Jean-Baptiste's passion for gemstones and his desire to share them with the world. Through Philea, he offers you a unique and immersive experience, combining his artisanal savoir-faire, his love for the rarest gems and the most beautiful jewellery creations. Jean-Baptiste vouches for the quality of his products and of his commitment to the creation of unique, lasting and elegant jewellery.


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