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Philea’s brand is dedicated to gemstones. As such, we seek out the most attractive, exceptional and rare stones from around the world.
Each stone has its own unique provenance, from the sapphire mines of Ceylon tothe emerald quarries of Colombia through the tourmaline mines of Brazil. Each place carries its own history and each stone is made of its own original tectonic material, just like the Australian opal that reveals all the shimmering nuances of its country of origin. building on  our worldwide network, we pride ourselves with our active quests, our trips to the very heart of the mines in search for the most extraordinary gemstones for our most demanding customers.
Philea embodies a journey. A  fascinating journey where day after day we travel the world on the huntfor the most precious gems.



84 rue des Halles

France, 37000 Tours

+33 7 85 63 85 46

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